About Us

K&R Brothers CO will produce and export textile and fashion clothing to the worldwide importers, wholesalers and retailers. Our goal is to provide the best quality K&R Brothers CO products to our customers. The products will be export globally. Our goal is to contact all importers, wholesalers and retailers worldwide. By exporting K&R Brothers CO products to them, they will make us best manufacturers and exporters, thus creating a monopolistic control of the All Type Clothing and long Coats products factory . The more we export/sell, the more often we will get contracts from worldwide importers, wholesalers and retailers.


We would like to introduce K&R Brothers CO as one of the leading manufacturers, Importers and Exporters specialized in Gents & Ladies Fashion Wear , Textile Clothing , Leather Wear , Bra, Skirts ,Undergroundfashion, Gothik, Kosmetik, Gothic, Cosmetic, make up, shop, gothic store, kleidung, bekleidung, mode, ersand, deko, lifestyle, culture, Gothic, Gothic Wear, clothing, Rock, fashion, Wave, Hot Rod, WGT, cyber wear, Fashion, Gruftie, Fetish, Fetisch, Long Coats, Jackets , Pants , Shorts Pants, Trousers , Three Quater Coats Short Body Shirts producing by selected and excellent quality good materials under the super vision of master mind working and the standard of quality is equal better as Worldwide quality.

Our Products are manufactured from the highest grades of Good Material using state-of-the-art production methods and finished to conform to our meticulous quality control standards

Every Product is manufactured to our rigid quality control standards and is unconditionally guaranteed against defects in materials, workmanship, or Pattern.